ABS Pipes and Fittings in Moylough

Premium Plastics ABS Pipe and Fittings are highly durable plastic pipework systems. They are tough and long lasting, making them perfect for both underground and above ground in Moylough use in a wide range of temperatures.

ABS Pipes and Fittings in Moylough to suit every need

As an established and experienced supplier of industrial plastics, Premium Plastics stocks a large variety of quality Primeline ABS pipes throughout the UK. These are robust but low cost thermoplastic pipes that are highly resistant to impact and chemical corrosion.

They are easily identifiable by their light grey colour, and are ideal for drains, vents, sewers and waste pipe installations. They are also used in electrical insulation and in many other commercial and residential applications in Moylough. Premium Plastics further stocks ABS pipe fittings to match every requirement.

Benefits of ABS Pipe and Fittings

Thermoplastics have become the number one choice as piping material in Moylough due to their cost effectiveness, durability and ease and safety of installation. ABS Primeline pipes from Premium Plastics have several advantages which include:

•Manufactured according to BS5391 Part 1 standards
•Resistant to chemicals including most acids, alkali and salts
•Tough, rigid and do not break easily under impact
•Low cost but durable piping material
•Wide variety of applications
•Easily installed using only cement
•Useful below and above ground

Additionally, all Primeline ABS Pipe and Fittings from Premium Plastics are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. They conform to the toxicological specifications of:

•The British Plastic Federation
•British Industrial Biological Research Association Code Of Practice For Food Usage 45 section 5
•EEC requirements for plastic materials in contact with foodstuff

ABS Primeline pipes specifications

Premium Plastics Primeline ABS pipes are supplied in Moylough in Class C, Class D, Class E and Class T. They come as standard 6 meter long pipes, in varying dimensions which include:

•Class C: Available in 10 dimensions ranging from the 1" NB pipe with 2.1MM wall to the 8" NB pipes with 13MM wall.
•Class D: Supplied as a 6" NB pipe with 13.2MM wall.
•Class E: Available in 9 dimensions ranging from the 3/8" NB with 1.7MM wall, to the 4" NB pipe with 11MM wall.
•Class T: Available in 7 dimensions ranging from the 3/8" to the 2" ABS pressure pipe

ABS Primeline fittings

Premium Plastics stocks a wide range of ABS Primeline pipe fittings, which are all manufactured in accordance with BS5392 Part 1. They come as plain, threaded, or plain/threaded variants.

These are:

ABS Plain fittings: ABS 90 and 45 degree elbows, ABS socket, ABS 90 bend, ABS Tee and Tee and Y pieces, ABS cap, cross and union, ABS reducing bush and sockets, and ABS stub, full face, and blank flanges.

ABS threaded fittings: ABS socket, ABS 90 and 45 degree elbows, ABS Tee, cap, plug, union and backnut, ABS barrel, reducing and hexagonal nipples, and ABS short and long pattern reducing bushes.

ABS Plain and Threaded fittings: ABS 90 degree elbow, ABS tank connector, ABS male and female thread adaptors, ABS Tee, ABS barrel nipple, ABS hose adaptor, ABS union, ABS brass male and female composite unions, and ABS reducing bush.

Premium Plastics has extensive expertise in thermoplastic pressure pipe systems in Moylough, with excellent product knowledge and fully trained sales personnel to offer advice and recommendation on products. Call 0333 121 1216 today, and let our dedicated customer care representatives answer all your enquiries.