ABS Pipework Accessories in Hemingford Abbots

Thermoplastics have become a low cost but high quality alternative for pipes, fittings and valves in many Hemingford Abbots industries. They are the preferable choice when it comes to food and beverage, waste, water, sewerage and drain pipe systems. The durability, flexibility of use and resistance to chemical corrosion has made ABS in particular very popular as a piping material in a wide range of applications in Hemingford Abbots.

Premium Plastics ABS Pipework Accessories in Hemingford Abbots

ABS piping is easy and safe to install, but requires quality accessories to ensure perfect and long lasting installations. ABS pipes can be wet fitted with cement, which softens both the pipe and fitting to create a chemical joint, or threaded with PTFE tape.

Premium Plastics provides a wide range of accessories which include:

Griffon ABS Cement
This comes as a 500ML Griffon B-25 Cement with special brush, or the 500ML b-25 Cement with TT Closure. The cement setting times can range between 2 to 24 hours depending on the pipe diameter and temperature.

Cleaner Fluid, Cloths and Wipes
The Griffon cleaning fluid comes in either 500ML or 5000ML sizes, while the Griffon Cleaner Cloths and Multi-Functional Wipes are supplied in 1x100 and 1x75 sizes respectfully.

Pipe clips
These are:

•Type B industrial pipe clips: 3/8” to 1” sizes
•Type C industrial pipe clips:1 ¼” to 4” sizes
•Type D industrial pipe clips: 5” to 8” sizes
•Rubber lined piped clips: 3/8” to 8” sizes

EPDM Gaskets
These are supplied as standard 3.0MM thick gaskets, although other drillings are available on order. PFM and PTFE gasket materials are also available. The EPDM gaskets range includes:

•EPDM Stub Gasket in 1/2” to 8” sizes
•EPDM Full Face Gaskets BS4504, BS10 and ASA 150, uptoto 8” sizes

Other accessories include:
•Galvanised Mild Steel Backing Rings BS4504, BS10 and ASA 150, upto 8” sizes
•EPDM O Rings to suit ABS Unions, upto 4” sizes
•Industrial Spacing Blocks- Black P/P, in sizes 3/8” to 4”
•Griffon Cable Saw
•Griffon Chamfering Tool
•Griffon De-Burring Tool
•Griffon Aqua-Max Pool sealant
•Griffon Hand Cleaner
•Griffon 5 meter Emery Tape
•Glue brushes between 4MM and 3” sizes
•Thread Seal Tape in 12MM size

Precautions when using ABS Pipework Accessories

To ensure the correct installation, the following precautionary measures should be taken when using the above ABS pipework accessories:

•Clean out swarf and remove burrs before jointing
•Clean the surfaces of the pipes and fittings thoroughly
•Always use a clean brush that is half the width of the pipe
•Ensure there is no moisture or frost when working in cold weather
•Stir the cement thoroughly but slowly
•Apply the cement using longitudinal strokes
•Wipe off any excess cement using a lint-free cloth
•Hold the pipe and fitting together for a minute to prevent slippage

Premium Plastics provides high quality ABS pipes, valves, fittings and varied accessories all over the UK. We are well established and experienced suppliers of high quality thermoplastics to industrial, commercial and residential clientele. Contact us on 0333 121 1216 to place your order for ABS pipework accessories, or seek advice and product recommendations from our fully trained Customer Care Team.