ABS Flanges in Norfolk

As the world’s most popular and fastest growing piping material, thermoplastics are incomparable when it comes to durability and affordability. They are central to environmentally sound construction that is non-toxic, tough and readily available in Norfolk.

Uses of ABS Flanges in Norfolk

Thermoplastic piping and fittings can be joined in different ways. The most popular methods are the use of wet cement, threading, heat fusion and flanging. When dissimilar piping systems such as metal/plastic have to be joined, flanges are the ideal choice.

ABS thermoplastics are useful in all manner of commercial and residential piping requirements in Norfolk. Premium Plastics is a leading and independent UK supplier of ABS pipes and associated fittings such as valves, flanges and other accessories in Norfolk.

Benefits of using ABS Flanges

ABS flanges are perfect for joining dissimilar piping systems for several reasons. They include:

Ideal for dissimilar piping systems
Since ABS flanges are bolted together with a gasket to seal the joint, dissimilar piping systems can such as metal and plastic or ABS and PVC can be easily joined together.

Convenient assembly
Unlike other joining processes, flanges can be easily assembled and disassembled when alterations, refurbishment or repairs to pipe joints are needed. Cement and heat fusion will require the joint to be cut out and a new one installed again. Flanged joints are also ideal for installing piping systems in Norfolk in confined areas, where cementing and manoeuvring of large pipes is complicated.

Perfect for large bore pipes in Norfolk
Pipes with large diameters of 8” and above are better installed with ABS flanges than cement. The large size of the pipes makes installation with cement difficult and cumbersome.

Quick leak fixes
Majority of ABS flanged joints simply require tightening of bolts or replacing a worn out gasket to fix a leak. This makes fixes easy and less time consuming, unlike cemented joints that require more work.

Easy prefabrication
ABS flanged systems can be easily prefabricated offsite to save time and make onsite installation in Norfolk easier.

Premium Plastics ABS Flanges in Norfolk

Premium Plastics supplies a wide range of ABS flanges for different piping requirements. They include:

•Stub flange: These range in diameter between 1/2” to 8”
•Full Face Drilled Flanges: BS10 and BS4504 with 4 or 8 holes that range in diameter between 1/2” and 6”
•Full Face Undrilled Flanges 6” in diameter
•Drilled Blank Flanges: BS10, AS 150 and BS4504 with 4 or 8 holes that range in diameter between 1/2” and 8”

Premium Plastic's has fully trained customer service and sales staff who will be happy to answer your queries and offer advice or recommendation on ABS flanges that are suitable for your needs. Simply Call 0333 121 1216 today to contact us or visit our online store.